Friday Five

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Here’s today’s top five:

Blockchain Is Giving The IoT Space Another Boost

Blockchain has been disrupting the way we think about transfers between two parties, and now it’s moving to shake up the world of IoT. With over 20 billion connected devices expected to be operating by 2020, we need to think of better ways for them to establish trust between each other, and blockchain-based Smart Contracts could be the answer.

The Surprising Ways Social Media Is Making Us Healthier

It’s no secret that Social Media generates immense amounts of data – Facebook alone sees 510,000 comments per minute posted on it’s site. Now, health agencies are able to use that data for some good. Apps can use this data to identify disease outbreaks (HealthMap), or even more accurately determine drug side effects (MedWatcher Social).

Meet the Tesla Semi Truck

This week, Tesla introduced its first bit into the world of electric semi trucks. Electric semis offer a better way of reducing emissions, and reducing operating costs ($1.26 per mile versus the current $1.51 per mile). It can get a maximum range of 500 miles, and upon release should be the safest semi on the road.

Honda and SoftBank Team Up to Make Connected Cars

To help reach it’s goal to have autonomous vehicles on the road by 2025, Honda has teamed up with telecom company SoftBank to begin developing connected cars. Their goal? Develop smooth data exchanges between cell towers and fast-moving vehicles, and work towards solving potential limitations of 5G.

Microsoft Debuts Beta Visual Studio Tools for AI

Microsoft released a beta version of Visual Studio Tools for AI, which will allow deep learning models to be embedded into applications. It currently supports deep learning frameworks such as Microsoft’s Cognitive Toolkit, and Google’s TensorFlow.