Find the Right Insights, Fast, in Changing Times

Find the Right Insights, Fast, in Changing Times

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As the novel coronavirus pandemic continues to affect all of our communities, we are all doing our best to adjust to the quickly changing conditions. The most important thing is that we keep ourselves and the people around us safe, which means closely following the measures put in place by our public health professionals and governments. However, in such unprecedented times, some businesses may also be struggling to figure out how closures or shifting business models are impacting their bottom lines, and what they can do to minimize that impact. The only way to get conclusive answers about your current situation, and be better positioned to predict future outcomes, is to find the right insights in your data.

What Insights Can Do for You
Having the right insights goes beyond simple data on a spreadsheet. It’s about transforming relevant data from across your entire organization into answers to your very specific questions. 

With proper guidance and expert data engineering, you can gain meaningful, near real-time insights that allow you to:

  1. Address specific business problems
  2. Uncover patterns and interpret correlations
  3. Test outcomes for various scenarios
  4. Make predictions for future outcomes
  5. Strategically plan for shifting KPIs

How to Gain Insights, Fast
Right now, it’s more important than ever, that we learn to be adaptive. Many organizations have already made major changes, such as telecommuting or expanding digital capacity; but the situation is still quickly evolving, and it’s essential that we all continue to pivot just as quickly. Insights will let you do this with confidence, so you can ensure that you stay ahead of any challenges that the changing times may throw at you.

So, where do you start? 

Here is a list of Must-Dos to get insights, fast:

  1. Determine business problems
  2. Identify your most useful KPIs, given the circumstances
  3. Centralize and unify your data
  4. Get guidance from data experts who can work within your budget

Insights are Critical
They will help you pivot regardless of where you are on the data-driven maturity spectrum

Leveraging our 20+ years of experience, Lixar has created a modern data platform that optimizes every step of your data journey, fueled by best-in-class Microsoft components, that can be customized to meet your specific business needs. Our unique approach ensures that we understand your goals and help you achieve them by: 1) ingesting the right data; 2) transforming it using the right components, and 3) allowing  you to engage with it through interactive visualizations. 

This is a fully managed, end-to-end solution designed to give you peace of mind in even the most uncertain of times. We ask the right questions to make sure that we understand your business problems and what you need to solve them. We pull in relevant data from all of your sources, clean it up, store it, and transform it into answers. Our accelerated infrastructure means your data pipeline can be set up in days, and in weeks, you will have a hands-on data viz dashboard that provides you with meaningful insights at a glance. As your situation continues to evolve in these changing times, we can make adjustments on the fly, so that you always have what you need, when you need it.

Find Your New Normal
Things may be changing quickly, but the sooner we adapt, the better chance we’ll have at finding success in our new normal, whatever that may look like. The key is to be sure that you understand the reality of your situation, and can make data-driven decisions that will see you through the challenges. Having valuable insights will not only help you get through the pandemic as well-off  as possible, but will also better position you to be more successful in the future. Now just might be the ideal time to re-tool, re-think, and look forward.

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Brad is a Data Analytics Practice Lead, and enjoys nothing more than working with companies to understand their aspirations in the world of data, and helping them develop strategies to make them a reality. His 20 years of experience has included a wide variety of roles in software engineering, cloud architecture, data science, and data visualization. He is particularly passionate about helping organizations apply data science to improve the way they work.

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