Artificial Intelligence and its Tangible Uses

Friday 5 – August 3 | Artificial Intelligence and its Tangible Uses

Aloha, Happy Friday! Today is a very exciting day for us as OSHEAGA kicks of for its 13th year of musical magic. The festival will attract over 130,000 music lovers and provide fans with a wholly unique experience. Lixar is thrilled to announce that O-Audio is once again the voice of the festival! Using innovative location-based tech, O-Audio gives you the most relevant information based on where you are and when, helping users discover the festival and be in the know wherever they go. But now, let’s take a look at the week in cool tech!

Airport security is an important issue to everyone, whether its inside the airport or patrolling the perimeter for signs of trouble. The Edmonton International Airport has released a new autonomous ATV that scans the exterior for any signs of threats. The vehicle uses different sensors, AI, and machine learning to identify animals, humans, pathways, and obstacles.

When thinking about cars and AI we often think of self driving vehicles; however, artificial intelligence can be used to sell cars as well. AI has the ability to identify customers purchase intent and shift its advertising efforts based on the results. Reports show that “an AI optimized target is three times more likely to purchase a car.” By using machine learning and AI, it can track customers usage of the website and what they are looking for.

XBOX Live is one of Microsoft’s most successful products – countless kids and adults alike grew up attached to their XBOX, playing online with their friends. The goal was always to get the highest scores, and toughest achievements. Recently Microsoft has filed for a patent to release an AI that can detect cheaters, and remove them from the system. The AI will be taught to look past the active game play of players, but towards suspicious achievement unlocks, and time played in relation to achievements.

Soon, humans won’t be the only ones flipping burgers at concession stands. Miso Robotics has announced that “Flippy” a restaurant-designed robot will help prepare food alongside humans at Dodger Stadium. The artificial intelligence machine will use a combination of lasers, cameras, and thermal scanners to cook burgers, chicken, and tater tots perfectly, while alerting nearby human coworkers that the order is ready to be served. The debut of bringing AI into sports stadiums is exciting as it changes the customer experience for the better.

Friday Favourite

We’ve all seen it, walking down a street and seeing someone trying to sell fake Louis Vuitton bags and other counterfeit products. The fakes are also getting more convincing to the point where experts are having a hard time deciphering which product is real and which is fake. Luckily artificial intelligence is here to save us. A team of AI companies have put their heads together to create an app that allows you to detect counterfeit products, by using
blockchain technology to scan the image of the product with a database of information to determine its legitimacy.