Friday 5 – August 31 | How Creative Ideas can Change the World

Lixar I.T. Tech

Happy Friday! We all know that creative innovations can change the world. In this friday 5 you’ll find five awesome examples that demonstrate how creative innovations have led to new approaches in business as well your own personal life.

The goal of having a flight that can go halfway across the world in one trip has always been out of reach until now. As technology continues to develop, and the creative minds use new tech to innovate airplanes to take on new heights, we are now only a few years away from having flights from Sydney to London or New York in 20 hours. Quantas has taken the leading role in using a creative space where roughly 300 passengers have child care and exercise facilities to make it through the long flight.

The Olympics is a place that combines a world of showing off both the worlds best athletes as well as the new creative technologies coming into the market. One of those creative technologies includes autonomous driving taxis that transport paying customers from place to place in Tokyo. The vehicle has made close to 100 trips using sensors to guide the van through traffic to its destination. The company is looking to take the vehicle to the next level and picking up passengers from the airport and dropping them off in high density areas, ultimately acting as a test to see if the new driverless taxis can be used during the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

For kids and parents alike it is tough to see summer fade away, and mornings suddenly turning into a mad scramble to get to school and work on time. Luckily the virtual assistant Alexa is here to help! The company has thought of some creative new ideas to help people in their everyday lives. You can now use the product to act as an intercom to wake up your kids without being in the room for any grumpiness, personalized alarms can be set to individual rooms with selected music or the weather, and it can play a to-do list to remind everyone of the days activities and tasks.

Imagine if professional athletes had enhanced abilities that allowed them to gain an edge over their competitors. The creative minds behind the sports tech industry believe that the future of wearable technology and biometric player tracking will be used for just that. The data that is given through the devices allows data scientists to analyze players peak performance, and exactly what needs to be improved for maximum performance. If the definition of a superhero is someone who is exceptionally skillful or success, than we may be close to calling some of our top athletes just that.

Friday Favourite

It may be the most amazing Lego creation to date, the tiny brick company has built a fully functioning and drivable Bugatti Chiron. By using a little over a million pieces, 13,500 hours of construction, and a love for being creative the company was able to drive the replicas of one of the fastest cars in the world go 13 miles per hour. Although the tires, steel frame, and some 3D printed gears were used, the creativity to build a functioning vehicle with Lego pieces may open up other doors to new innovative production methods and materials.