Friday 5 – July 27 | Machine Learning is the Invisible Helping Hand

Lixar I.T. Tech

Hi there, Happy Friday! Did you know that machine learning plays a pretty big role in most of our daily lives? Whether it’s the auto-correct when we misspell an email, a suggestion for what movie to watch on video streaming sites, or filtering out spam mail, machine learning has changed our lives more than we may think. Let’s read on about some of the possibilities that machine learning has to help us in the near future.

Customer experience is one of the most important factors in finding success while also being a way to stand out from the competition. Machine learning is here to help airports reimagine the customer experience, through increased data tracking and sharing, ensuring no customers lose their baggage. Machine learning will also improve traveler traffic management by implementing Lidar tracking and biometric ID to scan faces, and make the process quicker and safer.

The US Army is currently using machine learning to identify and predict when combat vehicles need to be repaired. An AI assistant has been assigned to help keep track of the data involved with each individual piece of equipment. Deeper implications of machine learning will also search for data from past vehicle history and similar events that can alert the driver of potential engine or other failures.

As machine learning continues to shape the future of mobile devices, developers need to stay current in a rapidly evolving industry. A Boston-based company named Fritz has begun to teach and assist developers in adding machine learning models to their mobile apps. The goal is to build a model that can be used by everyone, while improving the tools available for developers. Fritz has begun providing tutorials and tools for teaching developers about machine learning.

Amazon and the MLB have come to an agreement to use machine learning and AI to provide real time statistics and graphics on live baseball games around playoff time. Some of the stat developments include different pitching situations, playoff implications, and prediction of the placement of upcoming pitches. This partnership could really change the future of the fan experience for the better, by allowing fans more access to their favourite teams and giving them more information than ever before.