The customer experience is changing with innovation

Friday 5 – July 6: The customer experience is changing with innovation

Elias Papoulias Tech

Hello, and Happy Friday!

Although I would take the heat over the cold any day the current heatwave that is hitting the whole world needs to chill, because all time heat records have been set around the world this week! If you are looking to escape the heat, then take a few minutes to catch up how the customer experience is changing with new innovations from the tech world.

The tourism industry has a lot to offer in terms of growth towards a computer-mediated reality, that allows for travels to interact with both the airport and the city they are in. All the innovations being made in the tech industry has the potential to transform the whole travel experience. Here at Lixar drive to create a positive experience for customers at airports. One of our passions at Lixar is to build custom solutions and systems and integrate them for airlines. JFK Airport is doing just that – making a big push to implement VR, MR, and AR to transform the whole travel experience. By wearing the different headset gear you will be able to visit historical sites, and enjoy all the tourist attraction that you may have not been able to see, all as you wait for your flight. The technology has the potential to transform how customers plan their holidays and interact with tourism companies, as well as how companies can interact with with travelers.

With self driving-cars and trucks being developed and tested it was only a matter of time before autonomous busses pulled onto the roads to transform the commuter experience. The Chinese search engine giant Baidu have partnered with manufacturers to help develop and create new generation of public transportation. However, this is not the first time we have heard of self-driving busses, if you recall back in June we discuss the testing of autonomous busses in South Australia. These busses are expected to launch in tourist areas in high density cities such as Beijing, Shenzhen, Pingtan, and Wuhan.

Imagine having an FBI-quality fingerprint scanner on your smartphone that could allow you to experience instant and secure payments, instant download verification, or even unlock your device with 100% success. Samsung scientists in South Korea have developed a new fingerprint scanner that uses a new sensing technique involving measuring the temperature of a human finger to detect its authenticity. Although the use of this technology for the public will be seen in roughly one years time, the development of this new sensing technology will send all companies with a fingerprint scanner back to the drawing board.

As the summer blazes on, it may be tough to find the time or energy to exercise, eat well, and stay healthy. However it may help that Wirecutter has developed a list of the must have tools to help create the best exercise experience. We’re are always looking for tips and tricks to help us stay healthy and active, so these tools will help us stay healthy and also add to the competition between Ottawa and Halifax. The following fitness wearables and accessories include the Plantronics BackBeat Fit that wirelessly connect to music and are not affected by sweat, rain, or dust. There are also two fitness trackers that display your vitals, and measures how you sleep and stress levels. These devices will no doubt improve your workout experience and maybe even motivate you to get out more often and show off to your friends.

Friday Favourite

There’s no need to worry about your handwriting as you write “Aruba 2018” in the sand for that nice family vacation picture, because a robot can do it for you now! Ivan Miranda from Northern Spain has effectively created a robot that acts as a printer on the beach. The device can spell out any words that is typed into to its guiding system. This machine has the potential to provide a unique service for companies looking to brand the beach around them with their name or logo.