Friday Five

Hayden Kyte Tech

Here’s today’s top five:

Location Data 2.0? How Goodwill and Other Brands Are Ushering It in

Marketing agencies are looking at data under a new light with the help of data science. By using data mining and visualization tools, marketers are able to better create location-based insights for future campaigns rather than simply sending customers geo-based notifications.

3 tips for educating the CEO about big data projects

CEO’s are considered the voice and leader of the business. With the constant flow of new technologies being released, it can be difficult deciding which one to choose, if any. These three tips will give you the communication tools to show your CEO how to create returns for your business.

For the First Time, Allegiant Air Learns What It’s Like to Configure a New Airplane

Get an in-depth look into how one of the emerging airlines gaining taking off. The level of customization involved with an airplane can be overwhelming. Like a kid in a candy store.

A ​battery that won’t catch fire
With electric cars, and possibly airplanes, becoming commonplace among day-to-day life, the are some safety concerns. However, US Navy research chemists, have developed a zinc-based battery which seemed to have solved the issue of short-circuiting batteries catching fire.

All you ever wanted to know about fog computing

Sensors are advanced enough to process data at the sensory level. “Fog Computing” is an interesting development in IoT. Sensors enable decentralized computation, data, and storage capabilities, which can decrease data storage costs and improve efficiency.