Friday Five

Here’s today’s top five:

World’s biggest aeroplane revealed: Immense aircraft boasts six engines and is wider than a football pitch

The “Stratolaunch” has a wingspan of 385 feet, weighs up to 580 tons and has six jet engines. But it isn’t meant to carry passengers. The plane is designed to launch rockets into space from the air, saving jet fuel compared to the process of launching them from the ground and vastly reducing the cost of sending cargo into space.

Without enterprise architecture, the Internet of Things is just… things

In the midst of the technological renaissance, there are a number of questions. With IoT connecting all our devices, how or where will we process this information? This article talks about the number of conversations a device needs for a secure, and high-performance IoT system..

Top Emerging Technologies for Innovative Hotels

Sharing economy platforms like Airbnb are creating difficulties for hotel chains. However, a way for hotels to differentiate is by investing in their infrastructure to give customers an exclusive experience unavailable in the home. From interactive walls, mirrors, and robotic butlers, what they’re offering may surprise you.

Air New Zealand explores if Microsoft’s HoloLens can enhance service

Air New Zealand is testing the impact that Microsoft’s HoloLens can have on the in-flight experience. Coupled with Microsoft Cognitive Services, they can anticipate customer needs and access journey information. This technology is not replacing the human connection but enhances the capabilities of front-line employees.

Convergence of IoT and BPM for Smarter Cities

There has been a lot of buzz about Smart Cities, but not much talk of ‘Smart Lifestyles’. A new study released by the United Nations suggests that by 2050, 66% of the world’s population will live in urban areas. IoT is redefining how we interact by removing silos, adding faster connectivity, and rewiring our daily lives