Friday Five

Hayden Kyte Tech

Here’s today’s top five:

When Will Your Next Flight Will be on an Electric Airplane?

JetBlue Technology Ventures and Boeing have garnered attention from the public and media for their funding of Zunum, a startup developing an electric regional plane. Hoping to create a “Tesla of the skies,” their end goal is to create a fully electric plane to traverse the world.

How the role of a CMO has evolved to include analytics and data

Emarsys CMO Allen Nance has been in the marketing space for over 20 years. He discusses the transition of CMOs typically being right-brained creatives to embracing an analytical approach to marketing in the 21st century.

Announcing AI for Earth: Microsoft’s new program to put AI to work for the future of our planet

Microsoft has announced the launch of AI for Earth; with a 2-million dollar project aimed at putting the power of artificial intelligence towards solving some of the biggest environmental challenges of our time.

IoT ecosystems: It’s time to live on the edge

Internet of things is broken down into two parts – first, the thousands of independent devices, and second, the shared connection via the internet. Traditionally, data processing has a clear set of step-by-step instructions. With IoT, all of the components are connected, giving way more a faster, more agile ecosystem.

How One Small Business Uses AI to Fuel Growth

Alex Rhea, director, Architecture & DevOps, at ETA, sees tremendous business opportunities for AI. “Think about what that could mean for college admissions, for example… A process that typically takes months could be made almost instantaneous. The same AI approach can be used to speed up so many mundane business tasks.”