Friday Five

Here’s today’s top five:

Your plane could fly itself by 2025…

The time when taking a ride in an autonomous car will be a common occurrence is fast approaching. However, what about other vehicles? Boats? Trains? Planes? According to the investment bank UBS, we could see autonomous planes as early as 2025. If the air-transportation industry were to adopt full automation, it would save $35 billion a year and cut passenger fares by around 10%.

Tesla developing self-driving tech for semi-truck, wants to test in Nevada

Tesla is expected to unveil its long-haul, electric semi-truck in September. Tesla is currently talking to California officials about “Tesla’s efforts with autonomous trucks,” state DMV spokeswoman Jessica Gonzalez. The highly competitive commercial transport segment is also being pursued by Uber and Waymo (Google).

Apple has the green light to test next-generation 5G wireless tech

5G is the next-breakthrough in connectivity with will be the platform to accelerate efficiencies within Cloud, AI, and IoT. It appears that “Apple is setting up a test network at its corporate HQ with the aim of testing technologies that have been proposed for the 5G standard,” according to OpenSignal analyst Kevin Fitchard.

DJ Alison Wonderland teams up with Microsoft for 2017 tour

Alison Wonderland will take advantage of Kinect and Surface Book tech to create massive real-time visualizations during her shows, capturing and amplifying the crowd’s feeling in the new innovative ways.

Square founder Jack Dorsey talks Bitcoin and says blockchain is the ‘next big unlock’

Blockchain can be defined as an online ledger that enables secure, encrypted transactions. Jack Dorsey goes deeper about the future of banking, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and more.