Friday Five

Lixar I.T. Tech

Here’s today’s top 5:

Microsoft and Airbus just got drone fever
AirMap received a substantial amount of funding from Microsoft and Airbus for its drones. While drones aren’t Microsoft’s biggest field of interest, its cloud platform could provide the backbone for pushing drone technology forward.

Tesla wants to sell future cars with insurance and maintenance included in the price
Tesla has been testing this concept with cars sold in Asia, selling cars as a package with a single price. With self-driving cars right around the corner, how to insure and maintain them is becoming a hotly debated topic.

Gigabit LTE: what does it mean for mobile?
An Australian telecommunications provider started offering gigabit speeds on their LTE network, giving some lucky people in urban areas a small taste of what 5G could be. By beefing up their existing infrastructure, they were able to significantly boost the amount of data that can be transferred over their networks.

Sony patents contact lens cam with zoom, aperture control, and more
Joining the likes of Samsung and Google, Sony patented a contact lens with a built-in camera. Their lens is possibly one of the most advanced so far, featuring autofocus, image stabilization, zoom, and aperture control.

Say goodbye to the in-flight movie
Airlines are slowly changing in-flight entertainment thanks to the ever-increasing presence of mobile phones, tablets, and in-flight Wi-Fi.