Friday Five

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Here’s today’s top five:

Anti-motion sickness eyewear patent
Glasses could prevent motion sickness in self-driving cars

If you’ve ever gotten motion sick in a car, you’re not alone. Caused by a disconnect between your sense of motion and what you’re seeing, it’s understandable that this could become a larger problem with autonomous vehicles rolling onto our streets very soon. Thankfully, researchers at the University of Michigan have patented a system that will allow you to slip on some eyewear that prevents this from happening.

An example of regular Twitter image cropping vs smart cropping
Twitter is using Machine Learning to make cropped photos look better

We’ve all posted the perfect picture on social media, only to find that once it’s resized it looks, well, not very good. Twitter is using a neural network to solve this problem to create what they call ‘smart cropping’. Picture previews will be automatically cropped to showcase the most interesting part of an image every time, with fewer awkward photos.

Netflix: What happens when you press play

The complexity of Netflix is often taken for granted – it’s just an video player, right? But it’s so much more than just that. A behemoth that operates between two major cloud service providers, streaming 250 million hours of video a day, and accounting for over 37% of all internet traffic; it’s a cloud service that helps revolutionize the way the world thinks of cloud implementation.

Connecting Games to the Cloud

One in seven people in the world play video games regularly. With numbers like that, the cloud seems like a natural next step for the industry. Through the cloud, it becomes easier for developers to track analytics, and make data-driven decisions.

Brisbane Airport is the First in the World to Accept Cryptocurrency

With cryptocurrency rapidly trickling into the mainstream, Brisbane Airport is will be first airport in the world to allow passengers to pay using cryptocurrency in terminal shopping areas. Implemented by Australian startup TravelByBit, the company hopes to continue to introduce cryptocurrency to other parts of the Travel and Tourism market.