Friday Five

Hayden Kyte Tech

Here’s today’s top 5:

Airbus pulled the wraps off its ‘Flying Car’ concept, and it looks amazing

In less than 20 years, two-thirds of the population will live within cities. With that impending reality, this presents the increasing problem with congestion. The concept is called “Pop.Up”, where the user essential has access to multi-motor transport via air, automotive, rail, etc.

YouTube announces cable-free subscription service

YouTube is launching YouTubeTV, where viewers can catch their favourite shows and without a cable or satellite subscription. Lucky viewers will have access to live streaming on-demand content from over 40 networks.

Microsoft’s AI is learning to write code by itself

Instead of searching through menus of a user interface, such as Excel, what if AI could understand what we are trying to solve? This futuristic idea has been gaining some ground at the University of Cambridge and Microsoft Research. Called DeepCoder, the algorithm looks for combinations of code to solve problems.

The Promised Land of 5G

5G is supposed to boost current network capabilities by having more speed, less latency, and increased reliability. However, the road to 5G unclear. When will users see 5G become commonplace? The road to 5G is a complicated one, check out the link for more.

Lixar continues to Play With Heart

Last night our Ottawa team went to play a game of volleyball at the Boys and Girls Club Don McGahan Clubhouse, and our Halifax team took a trip to the Pong Social Club. All money raised from the activities goes to community programming in both cities.

Team Lixar


A MEGAPHONO Artist Retreat winner has been chosen!

Our judges have spoken, and selected a winner for the MEGAPHONO Artist Retreat. Who won? Stay tuned for details…