Friday Five

Hayden Kyte Tech

Here’s today’s top five:


March Madness bracket predictions, powered by ‘intelligent machine-learning technology.’
With March Madness underway, legends will be defined, brackets will be broken, and one champion will emerge. Microsoft has used machine learning technology to predict how the future will unfold.

Saving time with virtual assistants
AI bots seem to have limitless possibilities, but how can the average Joe take advantage of these innovations? This list will give you a good starting point on ways virtual assistants can be used.

Revealing unmapped areas of the world using VR
Google has now taken on Rio: Beyond the Map, a project started in during the summer Olympics in 2016. The Beyond the Map project teams up with locals who live in favelas, by teaching them how to use VR in hopes to map out the region.

Under Armour transforms into the world’s largest digital fitness brand
Under Armour has seamlessly bridged the gap between the digital and physical world. Using connected apps, and wearables, a vast amount of data is generated to improve customers’ experience.

Customize your biking needs the with the Modefi
The Modefi bike and its design (called ‘freedom’) are made possible by 3D printing using carbon-fiber-impregnated plastic. It allows for people to modify the design and customize to create a unique bike that suits their tastes and needs.