Friday Five

Hayden Kyte Tech

Here’s today’s top five:


Superscreen turns almost any phone into a tablet

Instead of paying for the hardware of a tablet, you can use a monitor with your smartphone and have the same functionality without the large price tag. It will be interesting to see if this will catch on.

Microsoft partners with Toyota for connected cars

Japanese auto giant Toyota has teamed up with Microsoft to enter the connected car market, where software is a common issue among competitors. Azure is already the leading cloud platform for the auto industry, giving Microsoft a competitive edge when it comes to autonomous vehicles.


Will property rights control the future of telecommunications infrastructure?

A proposal pending in the Florida legislature would limit state and local control of where the 5G equipment will be installed. A municipality is lobbying that this is a one-way bill that will allow telecommunications companies place poles up wherever they please.


What does manufacturing gain from IoT technology?

IoT is best known for home applications, but what about its use in a manufacturing setting? Drilling down into the data, computer-aided manufacturing can identify and develop a clear 360° record of a product; making it easier to identify issues and areas for improvement.


20 solutions that can improve the airport experience today

FTE in Amsterdam features new technology that can enhance the air travel experience. From LED stickers to auctions for seat swaps, the commercial air experience is slowly becoming more hassle-free.