Friday Five

Here’s today’s top five:

Facial recognition

British Airways using facial recognition to speed up boarding process
Self-boarding gates will be viable with the use facial recognition technology. In addition to implementing a self-service baggage drop-off, airports are taking another step forward to minimizing human error.

Google Waymo minivan

Testing self-driving minivans in the snow
Waymo, Google’s Autonomous Car project, has left its California comfort zone to collect data on more challenging conditions such as snow, sleet, and freezing rain near Lake Tahoe.

Arizona State smart stadium

How Intel and Arizona State made a smart stadium

With the use forty sensors throughout the 55 000 plus seat stadium, Arizona State University was able transform the jumbotron cliché into measurable data.

Space X Falcon 9

Why the historic SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch matters

The SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket is attempting to re-use previous parts and technology. Historically, rockets have had a one-and-done lifespan and a launch price tag of $62 million dollars. If successful, reusable rockets will astronomically cut down costs on aerospace access.

Ford SYNC 3 console

BlackBerry COO on the company’s dive into the automotive industry

Blackberry COO Marty Beard discussed Blackberry’s plunge into the automotive industry. Late last year, it was announced that Ford and Blackberry QNX would become partners for Ford’s SYNC connected car service.