Friday Five

Hayden Kyte Tech

Here’s today’s top five:

Private Jet

Book a private jet on your smartphone — for less than a first-class flight

New apps are helping high-profile passengers travel with more comfort and ease. Private jet services were typically offered through booking agencies and connections until now. Depending on your destination and accommodations, private jet seats range from $99 to few thousand dollars.

Ennead charging station tower

Ennead Lab proposes electric car charging tower as “the future of roadside architecture”

Ennead Architects came up with a new electric car charging station concept. The station’s architecture accommodates customers who need a top up, allowing them to get 100 miles of charge in 25 minutes. Vehicles that take longer to charge can be lifted into one of the multi-level storage bays to keep spaces free.

NFC enabled sunglasses

Paying for shopping with sunglasses could soon be a reality

Visa is taking mobile-to-everything to another level. The credit card giant a new payment prototype using at the SXSW festival as part of the overall trend of equipping everyday items with NFC.

Azure AD

Get a closer look at Azure Active Directory Identity Protection

Leverage the power of machine learning without worrying about security. Using multi-factor authorization with Azure Active Directory, it only takes a few clicks to get started.

Ford SYNC 3 console

HTC’s squeezable U phone is apparently coming May 16th

HTC is releasing a new phone that allows you to interact with the UI through squeezing. This kind interactivity is possible thanks to “Edge Sense” technology, using sensors that detect pressure embedded around the frame of the phone. Keep an eye out for the product launch coming May 16th.