Friday Five

Hayden Kyte Tech

Here’s today’s top five:

Ottawa Senators

Which NHL team has the most positive fans?

What do Data Scientists do for fun during the NHL Playoffs? Using Azure Sentiment Analysis, we went through close to 100 000 Tweets from Senators, Bruins, Leafs, and Capitals fans. Lixar was able to track how fans were feeling in real-time as their favourite teams took them on the emotional rollercoaster that is the NHL playoffs.

Emotions are based on a scale of 0 to 1; with 0 being negative, and 1 being positive.

Senators fans we're as positive until their team scored in overtime

Leafs fans got there hopes up a little too soon, but the Caps were in it to win it

Lilium Flying Car

A German startup just made ‘flying cars’ a reality

The goal: create flying vehicle that can take off like a helicopter but can reach airplane speed, all while being completely powered by renewable energy. The start-up Lilium Aviation has developed a working prototype and will soon be available for purchase as soon as 2018.

Digital Disruption

The top technologies for digital disruption

The world is already fairly dependent on IoT, mobile, and cloud computing; but when will they start having an even larger impact to the average consumer? This article gives you a better idea of when these technologies will become universal.

Azure Service Map

Act on insights with new Azure monitoring and diagnostics capabilities

Azure has introduced monitoring features such as Service Map, which charts out process and service dependencies to make it easier to troubleshoot and plan ahead for future changes or migrations. Other services include DNS Analytics and Smart Diagnostics.

NFC enabled sunglasses

Could self-driving cars get their own lane to San Jose Airport?

26 years ago, San Jose and the Valley Transportation Authority built a light rail system to alleviate pressure on local traffic. However, it doesn’t go the airport. Retrofitting the system will be expensive (~$800 million range), but self-driving cars could be the solution.