Friday Five | CES Edition

Lixar I.T. Tech

Thanks to CES, this week was an exciting one for the world of technology. In this special edition of the Friday Five, we’re taking a look at some of the most interesting tech innovation that was announced in Las Vegas this week.

Toyota e-Palette

When you remove the element of the driver, how do you use a vehicle’s space?

That’s been the question that’s been plaguing auto manufacturers with autonomous vehicles on the horizon.

Toyota’s answer to this problem is the e-Palette, a fully autonomous space on wheels that can be used for anything from retail to delivering your pizza while it’s cooking.

With strong partners looking to help evolve the e-Palette such as Mazda, Amazon, Did Chuxing, Mazda, Pizza Hut, and Uber; we’re looking forward to seeing where this particular vehicle goes.

Ford & Qualcomm: the C-V2X

In order to make an autonomous device to be useful, it needs to be able to communicate with other devices other to improve efficiency, convenience, and most importantly safety.

Ford and Qualcomm have partnered together to test Qualcomm’s latest piece of hardware in this space ― the C-V2X. It will allow vehicles on the road to communicate with each other, as well as with city infrastructures such as traffic signals, construction zones, and more. The most impressive aspect of the C-V2X is that it doesn’t need to rely on a cellular connection to make this all happen, and keep passengers safe.

Intel’s Volumetric Video

First there was film, then there was digital, and now…volumetric video.

Imagine being able to place cameras all around a space, and record a scene from any angle, then being able to live stream or playback in 3-D. Intel has made this a reality, thanks to what are called “voxels” [think a pixel in three dimensions].

Words aren’t enough to explain how fascinating this viewing experience is, so it’s probably best to watch it in action.

Razer Project Linda Concept

More than 52% of online use can be attributed to mobile phones. So if we spend so much time on our phones, why bother switching between multiple devices?

Why not have one device with the right accessories that allow us to do everything we need?

If you have a Razer phone you’re in luck ― Project Linda is a laptop-style dock for the Razer phone, allowing for a fuller Android gaming experience. Just pop your phone into the dock, and go.
While Project Linda is focused on gaming, this could be a big step towards a more seamless mobile computing experience.

Bell Air Taxi

First ride sharing, now air taxis.

Uber and Bell are about to take to the skies with the introduction of the Bell Helicopter – part helicopter, part drone.

With a focus on making the passenger experience as comfortable and relaxing as possible, these “air-taxis” should be taking to the skies for demonstrations by 2020, and be fully operational by 2025.