Help us leak the Osheaga 2018 Lineup!

Help Leak the Osheaga 2018 Lineup! Discover O-Audio | Your Festival, Your Guide!

Anna Odeh Tech

We are so pumped to be partnering with Osheaga to leak the 2018 lineup!  I have to admit — it is clever using O-AUDIO to release the top acts!

To be one of the first to find out the 2018 line up – all you have to do is download the Osheaga app!  Once it is installed, press play on the O-Audio button and listen to O-AUDIO each day at noon (until the full release on March 13 at noon) to discover which bands will be playing on which days during the festival.

(And no … you can’t set your phone to skip a day ahead to find out the line-up in advance!  Yes, there are a few of you who have already tried!)

Love the line up?  Then share it on social media!  You can do that directly from the app – swipe down and press share!  Osheaga is the most innovative festival in Canada and is always collaborating to push the festival’s innovation edge by working with Tech Partners like Lixar.  Why? Because they want to make the festival experience the absolute best for their fans!

O-Audio is powered by LWAYVE, a Contextual Audio Guide that helps you, the fan, discover artists & their music, the festival and the city.  The information is always relevant and related to where you are and when!

If you’re loving what you’re hearing, shout it it!  Simply record a clip!  Tell Osheaga about your favourite artist, place to eat, venue, business or community park to chill!  If you record and send your clip, it could be heard by Osheaga fans everywhere!




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