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Join our Modern Data Platform Q & A Session on April 3 at 2:00 pm

In difficult times, it’s always inspiring to see the ways in which people pull together. While the outbreak of COVID-19 has been devastating, we are proud to see the Canadian government and people working hard to keep our communities safe. Our emergency responders are on the front lines, ensuring that many of our loved ones are taken care of, and for that we are truly grateful. Our journalists are keeping us informed and aware. Our government is moving quickly to put measures in place to protect both our health and our economy. But what makes the biggest difference is people. Frequent hand washing, social distancing, and staying in as much as possible are absolutely key in putting this pandemic behind us. For many of us, this means that being able to work from home has become essential. 

Steps have already been taken across Canada to make this easier, from lowering hydroelectricity rates to deeming telecommunications an essential service. Bell, the leading telecommunications service provider in the country and a Lixar partner, has also announced that it will support Canadians working from home by waiving all extra data usage fees for residential internet customers, and all roaming fees, as well as by providing extra usage and credit to those with certain devices.

Like never before, building remote capacity is now critical; we have the tools and technologies needed to keep us engaged, connected, and effective throughout this unprecedented crisis. Now is the time to invest in resilience. 

What does resilience look like? Modernizing your organization by investing in digital solutions that can be delivered fast. Lixar has 20+ years of proven experience helping organizations quickly and effectively solve business challenges by:

  • Leveraging digital environments
  • Lifting to the cloud
  • Implementing modern data platforms

Lixar is experienced in helping businesses go paperless, and embrace digital transformation. Digital environments make it easier for a remote workforce to access what they need, when they need it. Migrating to the cloud not only facilitates remote collaboration, it also means better organization, stronger security, and lower infrastructure costs. A modern data platform will give you all of this, and more. 

Our experts have extensive experience implementing modern data platforms, and delivering interactive data visualizations, that can help businesses keep an eye on valuable insights throughout this rapidly evolving situation. Our accelerated infrastructure, HeroPath, is designed to quickly ingest and transform a high volume of data into insights that are then displayed on an interactive dashboard. This solution is cost-effective, scalable, and can be stood up in weeks, not months

Lixar has worked with many clients to help them modernize their systems, and we can use these same approaches to help you build the remote workforce you need to weather this storm.

HeroPath is ideal for businesses that are new to analytics, or looking to gain deep insights now, so that they can prepare for the road ahead. With data and predictive analytics, you have the power to test outcomes, and adjust on the fly to changing circumstances. In a time of uncertainty, data can give you the clarity you need to make the right choices for your business.

Moving Forward

Right now, it is imperative that we work together by staying apart. That’s why building strong remote capacity is so important. Whether you need to leverage digital environments, cloud solutions, or data, Lixar is here to provide the services required to support Canadians during this difficult time. We can get through this together; resilience is key.

To learn more, please join our Q and A meeting on April 3 where we will answer questions on how to build  a modern data platform for business resilience. An interactive chat will be available during the meeting. Specific questions can be shared in advance on our sign up form. 


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