Hero Path: Delivering on the Promise of IoT

Lixar Tech

Organizations that collect sensor data face a world of possibilities. 

When you have hundreds to thousands of data sources, each generating millions of data points per minute, there’s no limit to the potential applications of that data. But harnessing the power of that incomprehensible amount of data – actually ingesting and processing it to apply AI or visualization is easier said than done. 

So how do companies truly realize the potential that IoT brings, and create ROI and concrete results?

We’ve recently partnered with Sierra Wireless and Microsoft to turn that potential into practical solutions. Using Sierra’s Octave solution, Microsoft Azure, and Lixar’s Hero Path Architecture, we’re able to create a scalable way through which edge and sensor data can be efficiently managed, ingested, engineered, and put to practical use. 

Hero Path is effectively a backbone for AI use cases. It’s an infrastructure that’s based on a data lake architecture, using multiple connected Azure services. From ingestion to engineering and calculation – all the way to applied AI and visualization, its an end-to-end platform that can be applied to process massive amounts of data for real-world use cases. And if you visualize this solution, it looks something like this:

What makes this platform unique is the flexibility of the architecture, which allows Lixar to focus on business problems and use cases that a company desires to realize in the real world. With this proven scalable solution in place, minimal time can be spent focusing on large data workloads and infrastructure setup. Instead, we can pick and choose the right data sources and create the best solution for customers. 

This can be particularly effective when paired with IoT sensor data. Because of the sheer number of data sources that inherently come with IoT frameworks, this kind of architectural flexibility is invaluable, especially when it comes to connecting those multiple sources and ensuring the data they produce is properly ingested.

So, when Hero Path is paired with something like Sierra Wireless’ Octave solution, which delivers a scalable and flexible way to efficiently manage connected machines, it’s easy to see how this kind of application can begin to realize the full potential of IoT. Combining the power of Sierra’s edge-to-cloud solution with a proven cloud-based method for data ingestion and processing means organizations can finally begin to deliver on the world of possibilities presented by their sensor data. 

Industries like Mining and Energy can glean insights to be able to help optimize the use of expensive machinery. Manufacturers can begin to optimize assembly lines to function like clockwork, using predictive maintenance to ensure the line continues no matter what. Any organization that relies on a network of sensors can realize increasingly complex use cases and begin to discover the true value their data holds. 

Years ago, many manufacturers and sensor-driven organizations were told about the promise of IoT. They were told to turn on their sensors, stream their data, and they would have an opportunity to deliver on all sorts of use cases. Now, Hero Path is taking that real-time, abundant data and moving it over to the cloud, combining it with a cloud-connected IoT management platform, and providing a solution that opens up a world of new possibilities. 

Leveraging hero path for an IoT setup makes those possibilities reality. From ingestion to engineering, connectivity to storage, to applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, Hero Path provides a scalable way to accelerate your IoT data. Organizations have done a lot of heavy lifting setting up sensor infrastructure – now is the time to create ROI and see concrete IoT results. 

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