Hero Path: From Ingestion to Insights

Lixar Tech

Data is the Foundation

Data is becoming the foundation of organizations regardless of industry. At Lixar, we see this across public and private sectors. From manufacturing, to oil and gas, to finance, to local and federal government – organizations are recognizing the value of leveraging their data to become more efficient, accomplish more, and gain unprecedented insight. 

Each industry is unique and faces distinct challenges;  however, in relation to data, we run across organizations who time and time again have the same pain points:

  • Huge volumes of data, to the point that the organization is unsure of how exactly to structure and use it to gain insight. 
  • Data from many different sources, such that it is difficult to stitch it together and look at the bigger picture.
  • Multiple stakeholders requiring access to this data, all for different reasons, all with different roles and permissions.

So how does an organization contend with these challenges? Solving these problems is no small feat, but doing so allows an organization to piece together their data and gain true efficiency. These organizations not only need a solution that addresses these challenges – they need something that’s scalable, adaptable, reliable and secure. So, Let’s look at each of these challenges and how Lixar is using a service called Hero Path solving them across industries.

The Challenge: too much data, from too many sources, for too many purposes

Let’s look at a hypothetical example: organization X has been in operation for decades. In that time, they’ve collected a massive amount of data. Information about their stock and inventory year over year; information about their customers, their preferences and their churn; stats on the equipment they rely on to conduct business; their KPIs and quarterly revenue. All of these datasets are pieces of the puzzle that could tell the story of their organization – where it’s been, where it’s forecasted to go, and how to get there. The only problem is these datasets cover so much ground that it’s hard to see the forest through the trees. We’re talking terabytes of data. This makes it difficult to see the big picture. Even though the data itself is useful, it’s difficult for a given person to examine it and gain any insight.

To add to that challenge, the data is in many different places – excel files, databases that have limited access, or physical storage devices and servers. Some of the data is in the cloud, some of it is on prem. Some of the data are actual physical documents in filing cabinets. Even though one could look at a piece of this puzzle, crunch a few numbers, and glean some surface-level insights, a big-picture view of the organization would be difficult if not impossible to cobble together. Without bringing these disparate sources together, insights are limited and the organization is operating with certain blindspots. 

Not only that, organization X has multiple stakeholders, both internal and external, who need this data. Employees, managers, and directors all need certain pieces to be able to plan ahead and allocate resources efficiently. Partners and vendors need other pieces to be able to effectively work with the organization and march to the same drum. Investors want to be able to track their ROI in relation to the organization’s growth. All of these stakeholders need to be able to view data that’s specific to their needs – but the organization needs to be able to control who views what. 

So how does an organization contend with these challenges within the context of a digital transformation strategy? To address these common challenges in a way that is scalable, adaptable, and reliable, Lixar implements something called Hero Path.

The Solution: Hero Path

Hero Path is effectively a backbone that allows organizations to bring together their multiple data sources, turn them into insight, and use that insight to tell their story. It’s an infrastructure that’s based on a data lake architecture, using multiple connected Azure services. From ingestion to insight – all the way to applied AI and visualization, its an end-to-end platform that can be applied to process massive amounts of data for real-world use cases.

Lixar has the unique ability to stand up these services as a platform that addresses all of these challenges at once. Azure Data Factory allows you to create automation around ingesting data from multiple different sources, and structures it to provide insight. Making use of Databricks allows the organization to bring together and analyze multiple datasets. 

Leveraging tools like Terraform to manage the cloud infrastructure, our advisors assess the individual challenges of each organization and bring together the parts they need to transform their data. Our data team has the ability to not only stand up the arc that will serve an organization for years to come, they also have the ability to light up and enable each of the components that will drive success.

What makes this platform unique is the flexibility of the architecture, which allows Lixar to focus on business problems and use cases that a company desires to realize in the real world. With this proven scalable solution in place, minimal time can be spent focusing on large data workloads and infrastructure setup. Instead, we can pick and choose the right data sources and create the best solution for customers.

Hero path provides a modern data pipeline that can scale with any large organization. From ingestion to insight, this is the path that allows you to get the most out of your data, leverage AI and Machine Learning, and digitally transform your organization.


To learn more about Hero Path and Ingestion to Insights, please attend our Data and AI workshop on January 17 in Calgary. To learn more and RSVP, please visit: driven-by-data.lixar.com/lixar-calgary