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For more than two decades, Lixar has been helping businesses succeed from coast to coast with AI-Data, Cloud, AppDev and now, HeroPath, Lixar’s Modern Data Platform. 

As a premier data and AI company, Lixar understands that the future is being driven by data. This is especially true today, in a time when we are all learning to pivot and adapt as we adjust to our new normal. It’s no secret that to stay relevant and competitive in today’s market, it’s imperative that companies also learn to do more with less. 

This means having a strong data backbone upon which to solve business problems and make business decisions.

While many companies understand the value in collecting data, the challenge is in figuring out how to make it usable. Having a modern data platform is the building block of digital transformation, and becoming data-driven. It harnesses the power of data to:

  • Unlock valuable insights
  • Identify trends and risks
  • Reveal patterns and make predictions
  • Identify new revenue opportunities
  • Optimize assets and operations

Throughout our many years helping companies across various industries modernize and accelerate their data journeys, Lixar realized that no matter where an organization is on the data maturity scale — whether you’re looking to start out by going digital or already seeking advanced analytics and driving innovation — the most effective way to get where you need to be is to implement a scalable, cloud-based solution that will leverage your data, quickly. This is exactly what we have designed HeroPath to do.

Maturity Scale

HeroPath| What is It?

HeroPath is a scalable and flexible, end-to end, modern data platform, hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud. Fueled by best-in-class components, such as Databricks, Synapse, Data Lake, and Power BI, it drives data and AI solutions that allow organizations within any industry to adapt, innovate, recover and grow. Our unique approach is founded on the idea that data should be rich, usable, and accessible. Accordingly, our HeroPath implementation relies on three key stages: 1) Ingest the right data at the right time; 2) Transform it into meaningful insights; 3) Engage users through interactive visualizations. Built on 20+ years of experience, our accelerated infrastructure means that clients have the insights they need in a matter of just weeks.


Features and Benefits

HeroPath is Lixar’s Award-Winning Modern Data Platform

HeroPath was recently recognized as winner of the  2020 Microsoft Data Platform IMPACT Award. The win celebrates the ways in which our HeroPath platform is helping organizations across Canada accelerate their data journeys. This recognition comes as a direct result of the significance HeroPath has had for so many of our clients’ stories, and highlights the platform’s ability to drive real data and real insights. 

This metrics and case study-based award truly speaks to Lixar’s position as a strong data partner — from our expertise in Data Science and Analytics to Data Engineering and Visualization. We are very proud of what we have achieved with HeroPath, and the ways in which we’ve been able to help our clients drive innovation and future-proof their organizations.

More About Us

With first-in-class AI and Data-driven services, cloud migration and modernization, and application development, Lixar leads with a collaborative approach, diverse teams and perspectives, and a Canadian can-do culture. Lixar is a proud supporter of Canadian Music — the Polaris Music Prize — and community organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa and Halifax.

Lixar is a member of BDO Canada and the BDO Global family.

Lixar is the winner of the 2020 Microsoft Data Platform Modernization Award and the 2019 Microsoft AI Innovation Award. Government of Canada ITQ 3rd band recognized.

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