Infographics Data Visualization tools to keep in your favourites

Nicolas Rosenfield Tech

You have a Dataset that you want explore or expose to the public and you are not a Data expert? No problem, some smart tools exist to support you and they will give you more choices than a simple chart/pie views.


If you want build some Data visualizations without coding (by example using the powerful D3.js) you can use some amazing data Visualizations tools to create nice dashboards, like Tableau Now online, Qlik cloud or Klipfolio (Made in Ottawa) and the fresh new (Made in Montreal) and the nice monster of IBM Watson Analytics.
But if you want to create nice slides, reports, articles with data and you don’t have a designer skill set… see below two Data Tools to create infographics and interactive online charts. You don’t need to be data scientist to extract the data or a designer to nicely display your data. You are on board, use them, it’s fun, it’s Data and it’s time to be creative now!
Plus a bonus, for more inspirations, here are two extra infographics tools but without data integration: and canva.
Enjoy the data visualization.