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In the app, employees would have the power to book boardrooms, bikes, access company directories, play music in the DJ booth, buy beverages and receive messages through their mobile phones and connected by proximity awareness.

The purpose was to create something new and also apply a different kind of approach to fundraising.

Each time an employee uses the app to make a coffee, soda or beverage purchase, a donation is automatically made to the Lixar HomeRun Program and the Boys and Girls Club.


Here is the app flow:

Login app

Register with your company email.


1.  Boardroom booking.

Application connects to back-end detailing the current state of each of the rooms.
UI is very very simple.  A list of rooms (event in green / red rectangles).  If a green room is selected it is booked for the rest of the current time slot (hour to hour).
The back-end pushes a generic “on the fly meeting request booked” into the room’s google calendar.


Next phase:

On the fly booking | The use case is:
I have a problem.  Need a whiteboard and a couple of folks to sketch it out and collaborate.  Meeting room xyz is open for the next 23 minutes..  Grab it and go.  No need to open a calendar etc..

Device required : WIFI Sensor to identify empty boardrooms.


2.  Directory

Through beacon connectivity, the app will identify all the employees in the office and also literally who is in the office and who is out of the office.  Crossing 3 specific beacons in order shows when an employee is in the office.  Reverse beacon cross sequence shows that they are out of the office.

Device required : minimum 3 beacons for each door

3. Lixar Barista

Simple one button design.  Reverse credit process.  Once the “card” is empty the employee can add more credits through their personal google wallet.


4. Book a Bike

Application connects to back-end detailing the current state of each bike.  Employees can reserve the bike in advance.


5. Wearable connectivity.

App messages are connected through Android wearable watch.  Great for highlighting key events or barrista promotions.

6.Be the DJ through the Lixar app.

Radio stations can be selected as well as a that favourite song.  Music can be played through the wireless Sonos system as well as the Sengled light bulbs.





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