Building an Intelligent, intuitive, connected car

Lixar driving AI and ML solutions for Karma Revero GT with AWS and QNX Blackberry

Lixar Tech

It’s been a week since the excitement of CES, the biggest consumer electronics show in North America. At the show, Lixar was featured in the Karma Revero GT video displayed at CTS and on the CES show floor with QNX Blackberry.

Why Lixar? Lixar has a long standing history of working on connected car vehicles with Delphi Connect the first after-market connected car platform, and with QNX Blackberry our award winning automotive partner on the following cars: Corvette, Porsche, Bentley, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Range Rover and now Karma. 

Working on this edge technology project with AWS, QNX Blackberry and local companies such as Studio 63 in the connected-car space was an innovative delight for the Lixar team. They drove AI and ML driven solutions for in-cabin personalization, data orchestration and vehicle health. 

The Karma Revero GT truly is an intuitive and intelligent vehicle. It is a dream drive and a high-water mark experience for both the car and data/AI enthusiast. 

To have a full look at this amazing vehicle, please watch the Karma video below.


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