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Lixar’s attending a #Virtual #IoT Conference

Hamed Faghfoury News, Tech

IoT Slam is happening today!

A couple of weeks ago, sitting at Gate 22 sipping on my overpriced, watered down airport coffee I logged into my airline rewards website.  Looks like I just hit my gold status. Taking a look around waiting to board my flight to my next conference destination, it’s clear that my gold tier doesn’t mean much, it seems everyone has a gold tag on their carry-ons.  I seemed to recognize most of the faces around me, bags in hand, ready to head to the next conference somewhere.

Heading to conferences, particularly in technology, is crucial for anyone in business development.  Meeting partners and clients, being immersed in the specialized solutions and listening to subject matter experts articulate new trends and developments.  Personally, I could do without the fast food, time zone changes and the 100s of emails and meetings waiting for me when I get back.  Most of my conference time these days are spent focusing on the ever growing world of the Internet of Things (IOT).  Over the course of the year, our team at Lixar have been working on a homegrown proximity awareness solution and relevant IOT conferences are key to help steer the product and our existing and potential customers in the right direction.

Waiting to board the plane I noticed an invite to an intriguing IOT conference called IOTSlam.  The conference attendees and speakers seemed very intriguing with subject matter experts from Microsoft, GE, IBM and many others speaking at the conference.  As I normally do I looked for a location so I could better plan the cost associated with this conference and plan my personal calendar around being away for another week. I quickly noticed that the location was nowhere to be found.  After a bit of frantic clicking I realized that this conference was fully virtual.  All sessions would be set up over the internet and virtual networking areas and booths would be set up and accessed through attendees personal devices across the world.  All the benefits of an technology conference from the comfort of our on office.  It seems fitting that an IOT conference would jump on board with this as an early adopter.  The nature of the technology helps connect and give visibility to physical things that were previously unconnected.

Today, Dec 9, at Lixar we have two boardrooms and televisions dedicated to IOTSlam Speakers and we have our key executives signed up for virtual networking opportunities.  More of our team members can now benefit from the speakers and the conference sessions without having to burn through our annual sales budget. All the benefits of a technology conference with none of the inconveniences.  Time will tell if more conferences move this direction in the coming years.  Certainly in a work environment where more things are expected in a typical work day and travel becomes more costly and difficult it seems virtual conferences like IOTSlam will become more popular.  I for one am all-in.