Lixar’s CES 2017 | Top 5 List

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Lixar’s team was at CES 2017, checking out the world’s most interesting and inspired technology on the verge of hitting the market. Here are some of our favourites from this year:

1. Kino-mo Hypervison

Kino-mo Hypervsn

Picture this: 3D without the glasses. The Kino-mo Hypervison works similarly to those waving LED sticks seen in the early 2000’s. Sporting a windmill-like design that spins at a rapid pace to appear invisible to the naked eye, the Hypervsn can be modified over a network as a standard smart display to show whatever is needed. Instead of displaying only text, photos, and videos, the Kino-mo can display eye-catching 3D visuals that appear to float in mid-air without the bulk and expense of a screen – but we think it’s better if you see for yourself.



2. Panasonic BalloonCam

Panasonic BalloonCam

Part drone, part balloon, part camera – the Panasonic BalloonCam is made to entertain. Sporting a large balloon-like body fitted with an HD camera that can transmit video, this device gives event organizers the option to get closer images of audiences than ever before. Using its balloon design to conserve battery power, the BalloonCam subsequently has longer flight times than most commercially available drones; allowing it to be used during long events like concerts. According to Panasonic, it can be programmed for planned performances, lighting, and digital signage!


3. PicoBrew Pico Personal Craft Beer Brewery


Like a Keurig for craft-beer lovers, the Pico can automatically make 5 liters of beer in 2 hours, which is ready to drink in 7 to 10 days. Just put in one of 150 PicoPaks of your choosing and go. Can’t find what you love with a PicoPak? Create your own using the FreeStyle PicoPak generator, and choose your hops, grains, and yeast. PicoBrew will send you your customized Pak to use in your brew!


4. PowerVision PowerRay


Ever take a fishing trip and wonder why you aren’t getting any bites? The PowerVision PowerRay Fishing Drone can help you there. Equipped with a Fishfinder controlled by a mobile app, you can see relevant information on water temperature, depth, underwater landscape, and the location of fish. The PowerRay can be connected to your fishing line and is equipped with a 4k UHD camera to help get the perfect catch. You can even stream video to a mobile device at 1080p, take photos using the 12MP camera, and have room to spare thanks to 32GB of onboard storage. It even has VR support for a firsthand, more immersive experience and allows for more than one headset to be connected at once, making sure you always get the best catch.


5. LG ProBeam HF80J


This year, LG introduced their HF80J 1080p laser projector. Weighing only 4.6 pounds and harnessing the power of 2000 lumens, it is one of the smallest projectors with this amount of power. This projector is ideal for indoor screenings in rooms with dim ambient light, and outdoors during twilight. It even has Bluetooth and Miracast support, allowing it to pair with your favourite Bluetooth speaker and while can mirroring a video from your phone. Equipped with LG’s webOS, you can get access to many smart TV features such as web streaming and more. Not available on the market just yet, LG hopes to have the ProBeam available around February 2017.