What Makes a Data Scientist Impressed?

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“I am not easily impressed …” said Jim Provost, Data Scientist at Lixar.

For those who know me, when this Ubuntu-using, Nintendo-buying, Steam-playing, Chrome-using guy says he’s impressed, he’s impressed.


In the past 24 hours at the Microsoft Data Science Summit in Atlanta, I saw Microsoft Azure use drones and real-time computer vision to analyze faults in electrical transmission towers.  I saw HoloLens renovate a kitchen and change cabinet styles and colours on the fly.  I saw the Cortana Intelligence Suite analyze the characters and sentiment in Tolstoy’s War and Peace.  I saw Azure translate the billions of words in English Wikipedia in a fraction of a second. I saw the GitHub repositories and Azure free trials where I can do this exact thing as well.

In the last year alone, Microsoft had more commits to open-source projects than any other company. That SQL Server 2016 works just as well on Linux as it does Windows. Microsoft has embraced Python, R, and open source tech.

The research and development from Redmond is ridiculously impressive.  The execution is world-class.  The long-term goal to marry the supercomputing power of the Cloud with the intelligence of humans and Machine Learning combined is a strategy that will benefit everyone.

When I want to fly home immediately to start working on ideas I discussed at a conference, I know it has gone well.  I am encouraged to what the next year brings, and am excited to be a part of it.   

One thing is for sure, Microsoft Cloud [Azure] and Data Science will be key … I can’t wait to get started.

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Jim Provost is a Data Scientist at Lixar.