NASCAR and Lixar Kick Off NCRIoT

Shelley Fraser Tech

According to NCRIoT, a North Carolina IoT community of thinkers, technologists, engineers, business leaders, academics, policy makers, entrepreneurs, engineers, companies, and universities; the Internet of Things is transforming every market, from healthcare to entertainment to smart cities, finance, logistics, and transportation.

Tom Snyder, Executive Director, and Larry Steffann are NCRIoT’s founders who guide the growth, mentorship and strategic direction of the organization. They understand that IoT is the connective fuel for the future. “There is significant traction in the Industrial Internet of Things,” said Larry Steffan.

NASCAR and Lixar joined forces to kick off NCRIoT’s event in NASCAR’s Charlotte studios. As keynote speakers on IoT, NASCAR innovation and the shifting connected experience, Nick Franza of NASCAR and Hamed Faghfoury of Lixar added tech energy and excitement to the discussion.

The agenda was filled with inspiring speakers, demos, racecars, and networking with the top experts in the Industrial Internet of Things.


NCRIoT certainly gave their members a behind the scenes look at how NASCAR is shifting with new technology, and a close up experience at the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

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