When “Non-Essential" Airline Solutions turn into Mission Critical

When “Non-Essential” Airline Solutions turn into Mission Critical

Geoff Aucoin News, Tech

“A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them” – Steve Jobs

Simply put, solutions are sometimes ahead of the curve – they’re not demanded by customers because the customers don’t know the possibilities of what the latest tech can offer.

In the airline industry, the same can be true.  The customer’s expectation has become more sophisticated due to the ever-increasing use of mobile phones and audio assistants. Mobile check-in and boarding pass is a good example: five years ago, operations and users saw mobile check-in as a “nice to have”.  Today, the same solution is seen as mission critical.

Imagine if the check-in was suddenly unavailable. What about mobile boarding passes?  What are the impacts? Passengers would face lineups out the door causing angry passengers to voice complaints through Facebook and Twitter.  What was a “nice to have” becomes a security and a media issue – hence, mission critical.

Innovative technology enables solutions that cause positive industry change. Integrating simplicity, personalization, and convenience is as critical for the user as it is for the organization.  Offering data-driven operational insight, security, and system sophistication is a must-have for everyone.

Now think about what the next generation of mission critical features are. AI will impact the way people travel as passengers become used to using AI based assistants. Airline operations will be supported by AI (and humans) to find efficiencies and do more with less. Airports will be able to leverage AI to solve queuing issues through better resourcing.

The challenge is where to begin. How does one responsibly invest in innovation that makes sense for their business? Prioritizing innovation and working within the inflexibility of legacy systems is a major challenge that people working in other industries cannot begin to imagine. The trick is to start small, partner for success when you don’t have the in-house capability or culture, and don’t be afraid to try. Tomorrow’s mission critical solution will only become possible when the leap is taken to invest in a new approach.

At Lixar, we love to work with forward-thinking airlines and providers on solutions that make an impact; now and in the future. We work as your innovation lab, development partner, and help accelerate your technology roadmap – because your future matters. What you invest in today will have impacts tomorrow.

Lixar is a company focused on innovation and excellent client relationships. We build custom solutions and systems integration for airlines, building on our deep domain experience to deliver solid results. We have advanced knowledge of employee mobility, passenger mobility, reservation systems, ancillary revenue solutions, Dynamic Packaging, PBS and crew scheduling, and much more.

We work independently or as part of an integrated team to gather the requirements, plan out the process, and develop the solution. We’re creative in how we build and deliver, up to and including providing production support, with which we have experience in the aviation space.

We’re airline people. We’ve done the work before, we’re big enough to give a quick turnaround, but small enough to be agile and adapt to customer needs.

Jonny Stevens and Scott Allard are attending FTE Dublin from June 6th-7th. Scott will touch on some of these ideas as he moderates the panel “What Has Worked and What Hasn’t?” on the Shamrock Stage. Get in touch with them – they’re happy to talk air, innovation, and anything in between. If you’re is interested in creative and innovative solutions, please contact us – we’d love to get into more detail: air@lixar.com