The Positive Side of Digital

The Positive Side of Digital | Pushing Through Tough Times

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People are adaptive. Even in the most difficult of times, we find creative ways to solve problems, connect, and take care of each other. Obviously, things are very uncertain at the moment, and communities everywhere are facing unprecedented challenges. We have all had to make very quick and very big changes to the way we live, work, and socialize. And day by day, we continue to adapt, relying more heavily than ever before on digital technologies. Through it all, we are truly seeing the value in digital transformation. 

Whether it’s working from home, spending quality time with family, catching up virtually with friends, or finding ways to support our communities, we have a host of technologies to help us make it all happen. Entertainment and recreation, telecommunications, automation, machine learning and AI — technology is all about pushing boundaries to make things better. These days, we’re really seeing it all in action.

Remote Workforce
All over the country, employees have stepped up and proven that they can be productive from home, as long as they have the right tools. Cloud solutions are ideal for ensuring everyone has secure access to everything they need to do their jobs, from anywhere. Digital platforms like Slack and Zoom have also been foundational to the success of the remote workforce, allowing teams to stay connected in virtual workspaces. Even medical doctors and mental health professionals are using video calling to make sure their patients get the support they need without unnecessarily leaving their homes. 

For more about how businesses are looking at ways to leverage digital and  data-driven solutions to gain more clarity and faster insights at this time, check back in on Thursday when we’ll post a blog all about it.

Goods and Services
Access to essential goods and services is as important as ever, and a big part of that is making sure even people who cannot leave their homes still have what they need. At a time like this, being able to order groceries online, and have food and medicine delivered straight to a doorstep, is more than a luxury — it’s a necessity. Delivery of non-essential goods also helps keep more people inside. Families can order things like books, board games, and puzzles to keep themselves occupied indoors throughout the pandemic.

Community Support
Online shopping  supports small businesses in our communities. While not all independent  businesses have been set up for online purchases in the past, some stores have added the option to buy digital gift cards from their websites, while others have started using third party apps to accept online orders or donations. Digital fundraising supports people and organizations in need, and online donations to charities are needed now more than ever. This is especially true for food banks, which are in urgent need of support all over Canada. To make a donation directly from your phone or laptop, you can visit websites for Ottawa, Calgary, Nova Scotia, or find your city on

Virtual Quality Time
The most important thing in any crisis is that we continue to be there for each other. Technology helps us stay connected. Whether you make a phone call, a skype call, or organize a virtual event, it’s key that you’re making quality time for the people you care about. Share audiobooks, music playlists, and other digital content to help friends and family pass the time, and to spark interesting conversations. Remember, we’re all in this together.  Embracing the digital transformation will help us find creative ways to make it through.

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