The Power of The Cloud

The Power of the Cloud

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The Power of the Cloud

Leave Behind the Messy Closet that is On-Prem Storage

On-Prem Challenges: The Messy Closet

Storing data on premises is a lot like moving into an apartment with a convenient little storage closet. At first, it’s a relief to know you have a place that is accessible, and seemingly secure, to keep all of your important belongings. However, as time goes on, and you begin to accumulate more stuff, the closet becomes more of a problem than a solution. It’s disorganized, it’s running out of room, and to make matters worse, the key is missing. The problems begin to pile up from there: How do I find what I’m looking for and organize this mess? Is it even possible to add a second storage closet to my apartment? Has someone stolen my key and, if so, what exactly can they access?

This is the challenge of on-prem data storage: both space and security are limited, making it difficult to manage, inflexible and at high-risk for loss and damage. Unfortunately, addressing these issues can be very costly. Whether it’s building new infrastructure to back-up data or for additional space, or even rebuilding in the wake up damage, you are taking on a high-effort, expensive, task. And, if you ever decide that a different approach to organization is required to meet your goals, inflexible data structure presents a whole new challenge; it’s winter now, but the skis are at the very back of the closet, and you’re left wishing you had planned ahead better.

Cloud Solutions: Clean it Up!

There is, however, one easy way to address all the challenges of on-prem: data modernization. Making the move from on-prem to the cloud, or simply choosing the cloud outright, can save you from costly and time consuming  solutions in the future. 

The cloud is one fully managed system, with a cost-effective setup. Storage in the cloud costs a fraction of storage on-prem and does not require the additional fees for hardware and licences. Once in place, the cloud is designed to be scalable, secure and flexible – one solution to all your potential on-prem problems.

On-Prem Problem On-Prem Solution Cloud Solution
Storage Constraints Costly upgrades to storage, possibly in multiple locations, leading to an increase in the overall time and cost of maintenance Storage scalability with more cost-effective machines that can be easily added to your already existing data cluster
Vulnerability to disaster and security threats Disaster Recovery requires setting up a copy of the entire infrastructure in a different location that must be properly managed and maintained Disaster Recovery simply means turning on geo-location of a database in different countries
Inflexible Data Structure Decide ahead of time how data will be used, as it must already be structured to be stored

Adapting structure is a high-effort task that often requires additional, dedicated resources

Data lakes can store raw data with no assumptions about future use, as it can be structured accordingly at anytime

End Result: You Are Better Prepared for Tomorrow

It’s clear that the cloud has a number of advantages worth considering. Choosing the cloud is an easy and forward-thinking way to increase scalability, security and disaster recovery, and flexibility; and all while decreasing overall costs. 

The cloud allows you to be ready for whatever the future holds:

  • Scale up or down to meet your storage needs
  • Reduce risk and simplify disaster recovery
  • Make data of various types more accessible and usable

Modernizing your data is the essential first step to leveraging your data’s full potential – if you want to start using Machine Learning or AI solutions, it’s time to consider making the move to the cloud.

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