Transient Labs _ Leveraging the Cloud to Remove Roadblocks to Innovation

Transient Labs | Leveraging the Cloud to Remove Roadblocks to Innovation

Lixar Tech

Challenge | Roadblocks to Innovation

Experimentation is key to innovation. Taking measured risks can be extremely rewarding, especially for organisations looking to begin or accelerate their digital innovation journeys. Test theories and new ideas; adopt new techniques and technologies; analyze data and build algorithms — the possibilities are endless. However, the first step to enabling this experimentation is to remove the roadblocks. This is particularly true for organisations that are operating in an on-premise technology environment.

In today’s digital reality, you may already be considering the adoption of increasingly mainstream solutions, such as an advanced data analytics platform. Or, maybe you’re looking to disrupt the market with a new, innovative approach to  your operations or products, by building intelligent, cloud native apps, for example. You may be motivated by necessity due to changing markets, a passion for technology, or a curiosity about the possible. Whatever the case, if you’re still on-premise, it’s all liable to come to a screeching halt in the face of slow and costly procurement processes, and costs associated with the risk of your experiment failing.

Time, cost, risk — these are all major roadblocks to innovation when you rely on legacy systems and on-premise infrastructure. But there is a solution.

Solution | Transient Labs

At Lixar, we know that innovation is driven by data, and powered by the cloud. That’s why we’ve leveraged our 20+ years of cloud experience, backed by an extensive data and AI practice, to provide you with Transient Labs.

What is a Transient Lab?

A transient lab is a design pattern for a secure cloud environment that empowers your business to experiment with innovation by providing you with the flexibility to prove value in your business ideas in a cost-effective, accelerated, and safe way.

How it Works

To fully leverage the cloud’s business enablement capability, in addition to general cost-savings and limitless storage, we 1) create repeatable blueprints that leverage Infrastructure as Code (IaC), 2) deploy a sandbox to the cloud, and 3) deliver an environment that you can use to experiment with innovative Proofs-of-Concepts (PoCs), quickly and efficiently, at a low cost, and at low-risk.

“Transient Labs are designed to enable and empower businesses,” explains Martin Cain, Director of Technology, Lixar Fuelled by BDO. “By leveraging Infrastructure as Code (IaC), in this case Terraform, we can put cutting edge Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offerings in the hands of the business and developers to help drive innovation and meet business needs for controlled, governed, and cost-effective sandboxing.”

Why it Matters

With a cloud-based environment designed for testing and experimenting with PoCs, you have the freedom and ability to realise your business’s full potential, better position yourself in the market, and innovate.

In the cloud, you don’t have to worry about on-premise roadblocks. You can get creative and take chances, knowing that even if your PoCs don’t work out, you will only have spent limited time and money on them. Best of all, you’ll learn from those experiments, nurturing innovation and growth as you go on to efficiently build better, more successful PoCs.

In short, transient labs enable  you to:

  • Open new channels
  • Unlock valuable insights
  • Become data-driven
  • Prove value for AI/ML solutions to your specific business use cases

The Takeaway

On-premise environments limit innovation, while transient labs offer cloud-based environments within which you can efficiently drive innovation.