Lixar Mobile Fleet and Field Management

Lixar’s Fleet Management Platform provides a distributed workforce with tools to manage workforce documentation, digital forms and standardized communication throughout the fleet.  The Fleet management platform allows simple management and distribution of documentation and communication to designated user groups ensuring that the right users always have the information they need on their tablet.

In a truly mobile world, data and communication should be available almost immediately.  At Lixar we have built our Fleet management platform to enable a more modern simplified way to manage key publications, reporting, communication and messaging for a distributed mobile workplace.

Mobile expertise:

  • |  Cloud Based
  • |  Android and iOS Tablet
  • |  In Market, Production Proven
  • |  Over-the-Air Versioning
  • |  Online/Offline capabilities
  • |  Proximity Analytics and Enablement
  • |  Data Analytics Empowered


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Auto Mechanic Connecting with Customers

Simple management and real-time communication

Construction Worker Using a tablet in the field

Manage key reports while on the road

Field Tech

Publication reporting made easy

Cloud-based, always-on information

Information showcased in the highest digital standard

Lixar Letters

Lixar: Driven by Mobile & Enterprise-level Product Platforms

Data Science empowered results

Production-proven for Android and iOS