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Lixar Mobile Point of Sale

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Lixar’s Mobile Point of Sale Platform allows the enterprise to sell products and services anywhere in both an online and offline environment; a flexible platform that runs on Android and iOS tablets and removes any restrictions that come with connecting sales to a physical infrastructure.

The platform has enabled thousands of flight attendants, field techs and retailers to break free from the restrictions of traditional antiquated sales systems allowing for a more usable platform that leverages the flexibility of a simple cloud-based back-office and a well designed usable Android and iOS tablet solution. The result is a secure system that has been built leveraging Lixar’s enterprise mobile, data and integration experience.


  • |  Cloud Based
  • |  Android and iOS Tablet
  • |  In Market, Production Proven
  • |  Over-the-Air Versioning
  • |  PCI Compliant
  • |  Over the Air Product Catalog updates
  • |  Online/Offline capabilities
  • |  Proximity Analytics
  • |  Data Analytics Empowered


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