Proximity Awareness Platform

Driving Proximity Awareness through Lixar powered ProxSee

ProxSee is powered by Lixar and brings operational insight and consumer relevance to new and existing enterprise-level mobile applications through the power of beacon technology.

The platform is simple to plug-in and easy to deploy. Enterprise-scale physical-space connectivity in just a few hours. The platform is beacon agnostic, high-traffic range precise, and fully scaleable. Once the beacons are in place, infrastructure and management teams experience immediate, real-time control through ease-of-use management tools. The tools are designed to augment new and pre-existing enterprise mobile applications and set to empower an already in place client development team.


Connecting brick-and-mortar to your mobile.


  • |  Simple to plug-in and easy to deploy
  • |  Multi-unit, commercial beacon management
  • |  Precise beacon control in broad range, high traffic areas
  • |  Enhanced data management
  • |  Mobile augmentation
  • |  Cloud-based, sophisticated and secure
  • |  Consumer value
  • |  Contextual actions
  • |  Targeted messages, multimedia, and push notifications


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Easy to Deploy

Easy to Manage and Deploy

Enterprise Level

Operational Insight

Easy to Manage and Developer Friendly

Developer Friendly

Simple and Secure

Simple and Secure

Beacon Agnostic

Beacon Agnostic

Mobile Product Augmentation

Mobile Augmentation

Fast to set up

Fast to set up

Business Insight

Data Rich