Within the mining industry, being able to leverage data is not just a competitive advantage, but a necessity. However, harnessing the power of data remains a challenge for many organizations. Common obstacles include: 

    • Heavy dependence on Excel for data collection and reporting, which is a slow and highly manual process 
    • Slow data collection and reporting processes leave little time to analyze and react to the data 
    • Untrustworthy data sources make the information difficult to rely upon and base decisions upon 
    • Disparate and incoherent data, which is not ideal for generating valuable insights 
    • Lack of predictive analysis to help achieve sustainability compliance  


At BDO Lixar, we help our clients EVOLVE their organization by leveraging modern, cloud-based technologies to extract value. We have extensive experience assisting miners across Canada become truly data-driven, accessing meaningful, real-time insights that help them achieve their key business outcomes, gain competitive advantage, and meet sustainability compliance requirements.  

What is

SmartMine is a cloud-based data and AI accelerator, designed to transition mining organizations that are still relying on disparate data sources and inefficient reporting tools to a modern infrastructure that enables real-time analytics. With cutting edge tools and integration opportunities, SmartMine drastically increases operational efficiencies and sustainability implementation, all while helping to protect profit margins. 

As a proprietary BDO Lixar solution, SmartMine leverages modern analytics capabilities to offer a wide range of features and benefits:
  • Modern business intelligence capabilities to enable executive KPIs, scorecards, dashboards, monthly/quarterly reporting

  • Trusted big data ecosystem​ to fully connect the data ecosystem ensuring reliability of your data

  • Framework to accelerate the creation and rapid production deployment of predictive AI models  across business processes

  • Value-driver-tree to fully understand the drivers and impacts of your operations, and connect your performance model to LOM model and financial model​

  • Digital virtualization for real-time simulation, issue identification, and process improvements ​

  • Intelligent Edge IoT devices to enable real-time decisions / intelligence on data​

How it Works

SmartMine can be implemented to help provide true business value by way of performance benchmarking, trusted data connectivity, operational intelligence, and performance management across most major mining and extraction sectors. 

As cloud, data, and AI experts, we take the time to understand where you are in your digital transformation journey, where you want to go, and what technology can best help you get there. We leverage best-in-class technology, such as Data Factory, Data Lake, and Data Bricks, SQL Server, and Power BI to ensure the best results. 


We’ve worked with Barrick, Trevali, Kinross, Lundin Mining, Pretivm, and more to successfully implement Smartmine, unlocking more of their data potential than ever before. With Smartmine in place, you can rest assured that you have access to meaningful insights, right when you need them most. Leverage real-time insights to: 

    • Achieve your key business outcomes 
    • Increase efficiency 
    • Gain competitive advantage 
    • Meet sustainability compliance requirements 

      Now is the perfect time to truly harness the power of your data, and BDO Lixar is here to assist. We have access to resources and expertise that can help get your journey under way with confidence. Reach out today to speak to our experts about your objectives and goals.  

      For more information, contact Stephen Payne, Natural Resources Leader / Technology ESG & Sustainability Leader​ at