IoT The Internet of Things

There will be 50 billion connected objects by 2020.
Lixar is seamlessly connecting mobile devices, sensors and physical objects to make them smart and the user experience more relevant, personalized and informed.
IoT is a “seamless” connection with the physical objects and environments around us.  In our new IoT-enabled world, devices are able to talk to each other, other objects and to the users themselves all without the touch of a mobile screen button.

What are the benefits?  Efficiency, relevancy, personalization and profitability. For example, 17% of auto manufacturing companies use IoT inventory tracking and IoT machine management. When inventory is low due to shipping irregularities alert notifications are sounded in real time.

In a practical sense, traffic efficiency is incredibly important for field technicians. When highest flow traffic routing is precisely linked to the next service call, imagine the increased customer satisfaction. “Mr. Smith, your connection will be fixed specifically at 11:00 am (not between 9 am and 5 pm which means you don’t have to take the day off).”

The driver’s ideal experience is nomadic. Through a mobile connected experience, the driver’s preferences would automatically be extended to any car. The seat would adjust, the wipers would react to weather conditions, A/C would turn on or off, selected temperature would change, and the music system would understand the driver’s favourites and patterns … so whether the Lego song plays on the am drive to daycare or AC/DC, Life is a Highway, and Born to be Wild on the ride home, the connected journey would be in-car driving DJ experience.

IoT value is applied to the airline industry, too. Passengers wouldn’t have to be concerned with tracking gate changes or enduring extended security lines as valued updates would be signalled through their mobile device without proactive searching. Imagine the personal time savings … now multiply that number by the number of passengers per year. It equals out to an enormous amount of increased efficiency and traveller satisfaction. Now add the passenger value of receiving special promotions at airports retailers pre-flight and local promotions and on-the-ground post-flight transportation deals. IoT simply saves passengers and airlines money.

IoT makes the mobile data-rich experience seamless all because of real-time information, personal relevancy and increased control and efficiency.


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