Rapid Concept Development

Mobile Solutions Rapid FIre


The concept team’s mandate is to turn ideas into reality within a 30 day development sprint.

The key is validation.  Development does not always have to begin from scratch. Sometimes old ideas are merged with new technology to create a new market or product opportunity.

Through a rapid-fire sprint, costs are contained.  Investment is still required but at a much reduced rate.  Building products or even proving a product’s worth in a market can be a very expensive undertaking. Validating the products worth before too much is invested is crucial.

Sometimes negative outcomes are found.  This should be seen as a positive as the sprint has validated the market isn’t ready, the technology doesn’t exist (or function as expected) or the idea simply doesn’t work for the client base.

The concept team’s sole responsibility is to push the tech envelope, driving an organizations mandate of innovation with mobile, data, IoT, cloud technology.


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Mobile Solutions Proximity Awareness

“The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time”

–Thomas Edison

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Lixar Rapid Fire Concept Cycle, a 30 day development sprint


Driving innovation with mobile, data science, concepts, wearables, IoT and cloud


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