Tech Convergence

 Technology products and software solutions leverage enterprise-level intelligence and empower personalized experiences

Creative approaches, innovation, and a passion for technology, Lixar teams bring tech solutions together – through applied data science, AI, Machine Learning, IoT connectivity, and cloud technology application and architecture. 

Cutting edge solutions in geo-connectivity, proximity awareness and audio technology showcase “the possible” and the next-gen mobile experience – a world where the end user is empowered by relevant information at the right time and the right place.  Receiving the information through audio, a medium that liberates users by lifting their heads and eyes from their collective devices.






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Lixar Experience

Software Solutions:

  • |  Lixar – established in 1999
  • | Started in Web Development, System Integration and Business Automation for Flagship Telco Bell Canada
  • | Shifted to Mobile Development with an Agnostic Approach: Expertise in iOS, Android and Microsoft operating system focus
  • |  Extensive end-to-end Integration experience: UX-to enterprise-level back-end systems
  • |  Enterprise-level cloud application development, architecture, and cloud customization
  • |  Technical Middleware & Infrastructure proficiency
  • |  On-demand, scalable solutions
  • |  Data convergence expertise – AI, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Analysis, Engineering, & Architecture
  • |  Enterprise-level management tools and business end-to-end robustness, plus fan/user engagement
  • |  Leading edge product development in new and emerging markets and technology applications
  • | Expanded portfolio to include partners like Microsoft, NASCAR, Allegiant, GM, Delphi and more …


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Delphi: Over 100,000 connected cars on the road

Enterprise Level

Connecting passengers pre, during and post flight

Data General Motors

Driving Machine Learning Intelligence

Simple and Secure

Driven by Mobile, IoT, Data Science

Mobile anywhere, anytime

Mobile Solutions Proximity Awareness

The power of proximity awareness

Field Tech

Operational efficiency through pathway insight


Lixar: Driving Mobile Innovation