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The goal: to always create a clean, simple, and efficient and effective mobile design.
The Lixar UX team understands the importance of a “less is more” mobile experience.

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Lixar user experience team understands the importance of a “less is more” mobile experience.  The emphasis is to create clean, simple, efficient and effective design.

Mobile extends from tablet to smartphone to wearable and the amount of design real estate changes tremendously between each.  Tablet allows for more information, smart phone is moving to one button response and wearable to glance gesture.

Now imagine an enterprise level UX experience with tablets and devices which are specifically designed with IoT in mind but specific for the air, auto and telco sectors.  Think of fleet maintenance, craft and crew reporting, event reservation and sponsorship scheduling for sports and entertainment.  Powerful technology when the interface is efficient and accessible.

Understanding how the user will “intuitively” interact with the platform or device is critical.  The human to machine experience will continue to be more and more integrated due to data and IoT personalization.  Relevance and real-time information presented in a clean and clear way is the UX path for the future.


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