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Hardware is the new software” is the term best to describe wearable technology. Wearables are extensions to the mobile device. Information is shared in “glance mode” through simple, factual, relevant and personalized information. The simplest and cleanest UX; timely expressed in a word, a symbol, a gesture, or an action or two is the one which wins in this new and expanding wearable world.

Whether health, sports and entertainment, aviation, automotive or emerging markets, wearables are affecting lifestyle enhancements, customer engagement and personalized experience through location sensing, relevant and personalized data-driven notification, energy capture, brand empowerment, e-commerce, and IoT connectivity.

The practical wearable value is being able to receive an action without proactively seeking it. Imagine being able to lock or unlock a car or house door without a key, book a boardroom by pressing a single button, redeem a free coffee reward by glancing at the latte image on your watch or reducing your heart rate by seeing a “just breathe” icon, or in Canadian standard, getting a true to life hockey game experience on your wrist when your favourite team scores.


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The Wearable:

A tech enabler that provides relevant information at a glance and makes life easier by connecting seamless with the world around it


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